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Principal's Message

Dear Sonora Elementary Families,


Welcome to Sonora Elementary School, home of the Eagles! On behalf of the Sonora staff, welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! We have endured some very challenging and unique couple of years together!!  I am so proud of the commitment, dedication, and flexibility all of our students, staff, and families demonstrated during this time. We proved that we were better together and worked collaboratively to make the school year great for our kids!

Amidst all of the challenges we faced and will most likely continue to face, it's important for us to CHOOSE JOY, which is our theme for this year! 

Each one of us has the ability to choose joy. This means making the conscious choice to see the good in things, find the silver linings, and to maintain hope and optimism. When we choose joy it allows us to develop a more positive outlook, to embrace our community, and to recognize the wonderful assets each person brings! 

At Sonora we choose to work collectively to support our students, families, and one another in providing a high quality and rigorous education. We also choose to create a learning environment that helps to maintain positive relationships, set and achieve positive goals, and show kindness and empathy towards one another. This is how we choose our joy!

We will continue to pride ourselves in our 2020 Distinguished School Award, our strong partnerships and showcases in the Arts, and our Six Pillars of Character traits. 

Research identifies the strong correlation between school and home. This will be even more critical as we work in partnership to support our students, whether through Distance Learning, a Level 2 hybrid model, or traditional instruction and attendance.  Every Monday students are encouraged to wear their school spirit wear, and every Friday students can wear college t-shirts! 

We value communication with you and are a partner in your child's educational experience. If you need to contact or meet with me, please email me at, or call the office at 714-424-7955 and speak with Cindy Henthorn, my Administrative Assistant. She will be happy to arrange a time for us to speak on the phone or via Zoom. 

It's my honor to work in partnership with you to support your child and don't forget to CHOOSE JOY.


Sonora Love,

Mrs. Mia Doidge

Principal Doidge

Sonora Students Are College Bound!