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Sonora Elementary School Recognizes Students for Perfect Score on Statewide Assessments
Posted 5/14/19

Arben Dukaj
Arben Dukaj
Leilani Quero  right , Anne Rasmussen  middle , America Mendez  right
Leilani Quero (left), Anne Rasmussen (middle), America Mendez (right)
Evangelina Soto  left , Kaley Ouyang  middle , Veta Allena  right
Evangelina Soto (left), Kaley Ouyang (middle), Veta Allen (right)

Sonora Elementary School recognized Arben Dukaj (now a fifth grader) for achieving a perfect math and English language arts score on the statewide Smarter Balanced Assessments last Spring. This is the first time Sonora has a student obtain a perfect score in both categories. Seven other students also were recognized for obtaining a perfect score on either the English language arts or math assessment.

The Smarter Balanced Assessments are computer adaptive tests that adjust the difficulty of the test items based on how a test taker responds. This provides a more precise measure of student performance. Student results are categorized into one of four proficiency levels related to proficiency of state standards - standard not met, standard nearly met, standard met, standard exceeded.

All students who achieved a perfect score, or Met or Exceeded Standards received a medal at the awards ceremony in May. Students who improved their proficiency level, also received a recognition certificates. Students are encouraged to wear their medals during this year’s state testing as a reminder of their achievement and to encourage them to continue to do well on this year’s assessments. Students with a perfect score also had the honor of traveling with Principal Mrs. Christine Anderson, by limousine, to have a group lunch.

“I am extremely proud of our students; their efforts truly paid off,” said  Principal Christine Anderson. “Hopefully this will be a reminder for all students to continually work hard and do their best in all that they do,” she said.

Sonora Elementary students as a whole showed double digit growth in both English language arts and mathematics during the 2018 assessments. Results from the 2019 statewide assessments are expected to be available in the fall.